Cloud49’s Remote File solution puts CTERA hybrid cloud NAS gateways out at your remote sites. The gateways integrate with Active Directory and CIFS to provide local file services on local data (no latency). Snapshots are stored on the gateways for local recovery. Those snapshots are replicated out to the public cloud of your choice (typically Amazon or Azure). All data are stored encrypted both at rest and in transit. Extend access to the files with a mobile device to enhance your end user’s experience and productivity.



Cloud49’s RFS enables organizations to replace Windows Storage Servers with a comprehensive, cloud-integrated and centrally managed solution. On-premise gateway appliances offer built-in encrypted storage, file sync and backup software, and can be managed on a large, distributed scale from a single web console.



The RFS solution is the only 100% encrypted solution offered within the Texas Data Center Services (DCS) program.  All data is 256 bit AES encrypted at rest on the local appliances and in transit when traversing to and from the cloud. Encryption keys are controlled by the customer and audited accordingly.


Storage at a Fraction of the Cost

Cloud49 RFS typically reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by 70% to 80% compared with alternative branch and remote office storage solutions. We do this by leveraging public cloud price-points along with a single cohesive solution replacing a basket of legacy equipment and services.

C49_Remote offices.png

Sync and Distribute Files Across Sites

Define files and folders to synchronize or disseminate across multiple offices – allowing roaming users to access files locally wherever they are – and facilitate standardized document and software distribution.  

Ideal for the Dispersed Enterprise

The CTERA technology behind our solution has deployed appliances in more than 110 countries around the world – from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Many of CTERA’s customers have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of sites dispersed across large geographical areas. CTERA’s scalable platform supports any large deployment, including those with unreliable or slow Internet connections.

Choose Your Cloud Architecture

Connect your on-premises storage to your private cloud or datacenter storage infrastructure, or to a public or hosted-private cloud IaaS provider. Freed from vendor lock-in, you have the flexibility to support current and future requirements.

Centralized Management

Manage all aspects of ROBO storage from a single console: Monitor usage, perform upgrades, and troubleshoot remotely. Efficient template-based management and configurable alerts make this an easy task, even on a large scale.

Solution Benefits

  • Replaces expiring file servers
  • Removes local storage fees (in exchange for much more affordable public cloud storage prices)
  • De-duplication of all local data and a nightly copy to a remote site for offsite replication.
  • All data are stored encrypted at rest and transit
  • Integrates with AD and CIFS
  • Offers secure remote, mobile access to file editing and sharing with full encryption, audit trail and control

DCS Program Benefits

  • 100% Opex with 12 month commit
  • Cloud pricing is passed through with 0 uplift
  • SLAs match existing DCS bronze file server instance
  • Rapid procurement for server replacement/addition
  • Only file storage solution 100% encrypted at rest and transit
  • Submit a DCS Request for Solution to get started...

Contract Vehicles

DCS - Cloud49 is partnered with ATOS to deliver the CTERA Remote File solution via the DCS program for applicable agencies.

DIR - Cloud49 delivers the CTERA Remote File solution via a Texas DIR cooporative contract (TSO-XXX) for agencies wishing to procure the solution outside of the DCS program.

RFS Team

The Remote File Solution is served by a team of partners and technologies that provide a cohesive solution for hybrid cloud storage.

  • ATOS - DCS prime contractor in charge of delivering the complete Remote File Solution to DSC agencies.
  • Cloud49 - Deploys, maintains, and supports RFS solution for DCS and DIR customers.
  • CTERA - Hardware and software manufacturer for Remote File solution.

Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure - Public cloud providers offering government ready infrastructure as a service.