Public cloud technologies are transforming the IT landscape every day. They present fantastic opportunities for Government to add more value to end users with greater flexibility and cost-compression. But they also present challenges in determining the best approach for adoption and migration. It’s a daunting task to find the right path for your unique needs.  Cloud49 will help you get the maximum value from public cloud without compromising security, compliance, and support for your end customers.

Whether your agency is procuring through Texas DCS or DIR, Cloud49 can guide you through developing your public cloud architecture, migration of infrastructure and applications, development of applications and long term support services. Cloud49 offers both monthly service contracts or rate card offering staff augmentation.

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Replace expiring file servers with onsite appliances that replicate data to the cloud of your choice for affordable short and long term storage. This hybrid approach provides the best of both worlds;  local primary access to data and snapshots with the added benefit of offsite replication and cloud collaboration.  Cloud49’s remote file service is 100% encrypted both at rest and in transit.


Give your staff the benefits of consumer file sharing apps without sacrificing enterprise security and audit trails.  With our Enterprise File Sync and Share solution, you can share files inside and outside your organization with full encryption, control, audit and reporting.  Users can access files from work, home, or from their mobile device, always encrypted, and always in accordance with IT security policy.


Using our cloud labor force and our unique software platform that ensures data quality and security, Cloud49 can help you process massive manual workloads.  Do you have millions of exceptions from converting paper to digital documents? Do you have hundreds of thousands of pictures or videos that need to be filtered, tagged and moved through a workflow? Cloud49’s Cloud Labor Automation can help you complete problems that seem too big to tackle.